Sustainability is the future, so we've made it our mission. 

We aim to contribute to a generation that is more responsible, sustainable, and desirable. Our approach is based on three main lines of action that are ingrained in our ethos.

Foremost we limit the environmental footprint of our activities by using recycled metals to develop a thoughtful collection of limited edition quality pieces reducing excess inventory and over consumption.

We are selective of who we work with. Our pieces are handcrafted in India. Our partners provide ethical working conditions, fair wages and benefits to all craftsmen. 

Finally, we are a socially conscious brand that cares deeply about creating opportunities for underprivileged children, particularly in providing access to education. That is why every year we donate a percentage of our annual profits to various organizations working to sponsor educational scholarships for deserving children and young adults. With their guidance we hope to contribute our voices and resources to proactively provide educational opportunities to children around the globe.